Dedicated Contract Carrier

With our contract carrier service, we can handle all of your transportation needs, from dedicated equipment to providing drivers that start and end their day at your facility. Our services allow us to be an extension of your current operations, and enable you to increase or decrease your fleets based on customer demands.

JCI offers customized solutions for shipping freight of all kinds. We manage, consult, direct and oversee all aspects of your transportation needs. Our full service includes operations and financial solutions.

Our contract carrier program is very aggressive, and we make sure to get to know our clients inside and out to provide them the most rapid solutions at the best possible rates based on their individual needs. We have the tools you need to give your customers a complete shipping solution.

Our contract carrier services include:

  • Predictable and seamless billing
  • Predictable and accurate delivery times
  • Highly specialized solutions
  • Temperature protection services
  • Food and perishables
  • Customized shipping solutions

We have drop yards in:

  • Allentown, PA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Pennsauken, NJ

We have the latest technology:

  • 100% ELD compliant
  • Rand McNally
  • Blue Tree Systems / ORBcomm
  • HighJump Prophesy

Meet with our team today and discover the possibilities of customized solutions for your shipping and transportation needs.