Our Team

JCI is comprised of a group of seasoned trucking professionals. The average JCI employee has over 20 years of transportation experience. We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest and longest running trucking companies in the Northeast and we treat our employees and customers like family.

Meet Our Management Team

Eric Moses: President

Eric began his career as a financial analyst with the Pep Boys organization in Philadelphia before entering the transportation industry twenty five years ago. He is a former president of the Philadelphia chapter of the PMTA (Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association) and is a current board member of the state PMTA association.

Jim Roberts: Solutions Provider / VP Operations & Sales

Jim uses his 25 years of transportation knowledge and experience to work in tandem with our customers and vendors. Jim is an expert at successfully resolving any issues that arise before they become major problems!

Orlando Ferrer: JCI & Ashton Dispatch

With over twenty years of experience, Orlando is our JCI Transportation dispatcher. He works very closely with our drivers to meet the daily needs of our customers and with our brokerage dispatch to ensure our customers are getting the best service possible.

Janie Schneider: Administrative Assistant / Communications & Media Manager

With her years of experience in the trucking industry, Janie is involved in multiple facets of the company, from onboarding new drivers to safety to handling billing for all of our customers. She also manages our website and social media outlets.

Denise LaRatta: Customer Service

Denise processes new tenders, and stays in continuous contact with our customers and vendors. She tracks and traces shipments, and also provides assistance to our operations department with driver issues, including appointments, detention and layover.